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Episode 7- Steve Koonin on Creating An Innovative Culture

April 13, 2017 • Business Leaders
Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin

Visionary Steve Koonin has spearheaded marketing for iconic brands—from Coca-Cola to Turner to the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. His offbeat marketing ideas– Tinder night, anyone?–  and unique leadership approach have reinvigorated the Hawks franchise. In this episode, Steve shares what it takes to break through the status quo and create a culture of innovation that rewards great ideas and risk taking.

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin

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Show Notes

  • His vision for the Atlanta Hawks franchise (2:55)
  • Risk taking in marketing (6:00)
  • How to create a workplace culture where people aren’t afraid to fail forward (7:57)
  • The biggest mistake new leaders make (9:06)
  • Trading core values for core actions (12:00)
  • How fear stifles creativity (19:20)
  • The idea behind “Swipe Right” night at the Hawks game (20:38)
  • Hiring for the right fit (23:38)
  • How to reward the right metrics (25:26)
  • The biggest influences on his leadership philosophy (28:35)
  • His favorite hobby (31:12)

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