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Episode 186- How to Stop Drinking Without Missing Out ft. Annie Grace

January 4, 2024 • Book Club
Annie Grace

One in three Americans are trying to drink less alcohol in 2023, reflecting a growing trend in the sober curious movement. Do you want to cut back or stop drinking, but don’t know where to start? This conversation with Annie Grace will give you the tools to make a change. Annie is the founder of This Naked Mind, a program that’s helped millions of people find freedom from alcohol through her groundbreaking emotion-based change framework. Instead of focusing on behavior change and sobriety, she offers a grace-led, science-based approach so that whether you want to cut back, moderate or cut out alcohol completely, you are empowered with the tools to take back control. Annie’s book This Naked Mind has sold millions of copies and she also hosts a popular podcast by the same name. On this episode, we talk about rethinking the benefits of alcohol, the key questions to ask yourself before you try to stop drinking, and how you can quit drinking without missing out.

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Show Notes

  • Annie Grace’s personal journey (1:53)
  • How to critically examine your relationship with alcohol (4:16)
  • It’s possible to remove your desire to drink (7:57)
  • Why her approach is emotions-based vs. behaviors-based and the 4 step approach (10:07)
  • Why her approach doesn’t focus on sobriety (14:07)
  • How do you know if you have a problem with drinking? (14:54)
  • You don’t need a “rock bottom” moment to change your drinking (16:28)
  • Why don’t we talk about alcohol like we do other addictive substances? (17:03)
  • The negative effects of drinking alcohol (19:34)
  • The subconscious beliefs that drive our drinking habits (25:13)
  • Why do some people fall into addiction and others don’t? (29:41)
  • Is there a genetic component to alcoholism? (33:32)
  • Approach change without guilt, shame or judgment (39:31)
  • The questions you should ask yourself before you try to stop drinking (40:58)
  • Ways to get comfortable not drinking in social settings (43:13)
  • How to talk to your kids about drinking (45:46)
  • Four things she wish she knew about drinking before she started (47:29)
  • How do you approach someone you love about their drinking? [Email hello@thisnakedmind.com for access to free video course] (52:50)
  • Free resources to help you get started (54:06)

Resources / People Mentioned

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