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Episode 22- Suzy Welch on the 10-10-10 Rule for Making Tough Decisions

Suzy Welch

What if there was an easy, fast way make tough decisions? Navigating the daily dilemmas of work and life, business journalist and best-selling author Suzy Welch developed the 10-10-10 rule, a life-changing strategy for making tough decisions. The former Editor-in-Chief at the Harvard Business Review, Suzy is a frequent contributor on The Today Show and hosts her own digital show on On this episode, Suzy shares how to filter your decisions through the 10-10-10 rule, explains how to align your decision-making with your values, and discusses how Millennials’ ideas about career management are changing the workplace.

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Show Notes

  • The breakthrough moment that led to the 10-10-10 rule (1:39)
  • What is the 10-10-10 rule? (3:28)
  • Do the hard work of determining your values (4:45)
  • The 3 reasons why our lives gets out of control (5:25)
  • The powerful advice she received from a friend (9:37)
  • Leadership wisdom from Bill Belichick (10:25)
  • What she admires most about her husband, Jack Welch (13:40)
  • Workplace trends embraced by Millennials (15:38)
  • The importance of knowing the “why” behind your work (17:05)
  • Where she finds her energy (20:21)
  • Her favorite podcasts and show (22:47)

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