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Episode 17- Tiffany Dufu on The Myth of Doing It All

July 27, 2017 • Book Club
Tiffany Dufu

Once the poster girl for doing it all, today’s guest Tiffany Dufu is now sharing a powerful message to women: Drop The Ball. As Chief Leadership Officer of Levo and part of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In launch team, Tiffany’s life work is to advance women and girls. If we can learn to let go of perfectionism, she says, we can achieve more by doing less and achieve better work-life integration. On this episode, Tiffany shares the power in shrinking your to-do list, how to delegate with joy, and what happens when we focus on our most meaningful work. Her new book, Drop The Ball, is out now.

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Show Notes

  • What “drop the ball” means and how to let go of unrealistic expectations (1:56)
  • Gender roles and how Tiffany’s drive for achievement turned into perfectionism (3:06)
  • Do these two exercises to achieve clarity on what matters most (13:00)
  • Do this eye-opening time management exercise (17:05)
  • Learning how to “delegate with joy” (19:27)
  • Burnout is a feeling that happens when the things you are doing aren’t meaningful (28:20)
  • What she learned from Sheryl Sandberg (31:08)
  • Tiffany’s favorite apps, books and podcasts (32:43)

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