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Episode 139- Tim Brown on The Drive for Continuous Improvement

Tim Brown, Allbirds

Tim Brown is the co-founder & CEO of Allbirds, the sustainable shoe and apparel company and maker of “the world’s most comfortable shoe.” Tim’s experience as a World Cup soccer player for New Zealand led him to think about things on a grand scale, whether that be crafting shoes or running a business. On this episode, we talk about how Allbirds began as a curiosity project, the drive to get better every day, and how tackling tough problems can unlock our purpose.

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Show Notes

  • Tim’s background as a soccer player (1:21)
  • The opportunity to play in the World Cup for New Zealand (4:17)
  • How Allbirds started as a curiosity project (5:54)
  • The transition from professional athlete to entrepreneur (6:51)
  • What he learned as an athlete that helped him in business (9:20)
  • How he channeled doubt into fuel (11:59)
  • Be disciplined in how you attack problems (16:36)
  • His approach to filtering feedback (17:47)
  • The one interview question that Tim asks everyone who interviews at allbirds (19:28)
  • How tackling a tough problem can unlock purpose (20:56)
  • The distinction between passion and purpose (23:34)
  • Why they made their sustainability mission to reduce their carbon footprint (24:32)
  • How leading a purpose-driven organization changes the culture (26:03)
  • The three things to define culture: 1) define a mission statement 2) define three core values 3) write a vision statement for 10 years out (27:44)
  • Advice for creating a vivid vision (31:27)
  • Think big and act small (32:26)
  • How he thinks about competition differently (35:00)
  • Why he doesn’t distinguish between building and leading the company (35:45)
  • The mindset of a leader (38:42)
  • Don’t give up your power; you have more control than you think (40:51)


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