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Episode 176- Austin Ekeler on Go All In on Your Goals

August 17, 2023 • Athletes & Coaches
Austin Ekeler

If the odds were stacked against you, would you run towards opportunity or from it? Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler was never supposed to make it to the NFL, much less star in it. Barely recruited out of high school, Austin starred at Western Colorado University, a Division II school, before signing with the Chargers as an undrafted free agent in 2017. He’s since established himself as one of the best players in the league, leading the NFL in touchdowns the past two seasons. He’s the founder of Eksperience, a fan engagement platform, and founder of the Austin Ekeler Foundation. On this episode, we talk about going all in on your goals, staying confident when you aren’t getting opportunities, and putting in the work when no one’s watching.

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Show Notes

  • The work ethic he learned growing up working on a ranch (2:16)
  • Mindset will separate the best from the rest (5:06)
  • How football became a way out of a toxic environment for Austin (8:26)
  • Taking ownership of his life as a college freshman (10:28)
  • The year he decided to “all in” on a long shot opportunity to play in the NFL (12:09)
  • Make self-improvement a habit. (14:33)
  • How he built confidence despite being undersized and overlooked (16:08)
  • What it’s like to compete for a spot on an NFL roster and how Austin went from sixth string on the depth chart to NFL star (20:41)
  • Play your role- be great where you are. (25:23)
  • Don’t play to the level of someone else’s expectations (31:02)
  • Austin’s view on running back contracts (32:37)
  • Bet on yourself and maximize your potential (35:53)
  • Austin’s entrepreneurial side, launching his fan engagement platform Eksperience (37:43)
  • How he’s expanded his off-field portfolio without losing focus on football (39:01)
  • Put yourself in a position where you have to get uncomfortable (41:46)
  • The difference between “you can’t” and “you won’t” (47:13)

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