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Episode 131- Warrick Dunn on Finding the Gifts in Adversity

December 9, 2021 • Athletes & Coaches

Former NFL star Warrick Dunn has built a legacy on and off the field. A 3x Pro Bowl selection, Warrick played for 12 seasons with the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Atlanta Falcons. He joined the Falcons ownership group in 2009 after his retirement. But his greatest impact goes far beyond the football field. Warrick started his charity and its signature “Homes for the Holidays” program in honor of his mother, a Baton Rouge police officer who was killed when he was just 18 years old. Warrick raised his five younger siblings and when he became a star in the NFL, made it his mission to provide other families the stability he never had. On this episode, Warrick shares how he channeled his pain into purpose, how he made it as an undersized back in the NFL, and why he decided to meet and ultimately forgive the man convicted of killing his mom.


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Show Notes

  • Warrick’s early years growing up in Baton Rouge (2:40)
  • How his life changed after the death of his mom (4:15)
  • How his mom shaped him into the person he is today (6:36)
  • The opportunity that Coach Bobby Bowden gave him at Florida State (9:58)
  • The confidence to compete against anyone (11:59)
  • Outworking the competition (13:35)
  • Balancing family, football and school (15:23)
  • Tony Dungy’s challenge to the rookies that inspired Warrick to start his Homes for the Holidays program (18:13)
  • The impact of Warrick’s “Homes for the Holidays” program (20:14)
  • The key to his longevity, playing 12 seasons in the NFL (24:58)
  • The difference between good and great (27:05)
  • His struggle with depression (28:23)
  • Why he decided to meet with the man who was convicted of killing his mom (33:21)
  • Moving forward in his life (36:51)
  • Joining the Atlanta Falcons ownership group (38:12)
  • Pursuing his MBA after his NFL career (41:01)
  • Warrick Dunn Charities (44:08)


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