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Episode 175- Kay Adams on Bet On Yourself

August 3, 2023 • Uncategorized
Kay Adams

What does it take to build a career you love? Passion, curiosity and relentless drive! Kay Adams has made a name for herself as a sports TV personality by saying yes to opportunities and making the most of them. She is the host of FanDuel TV’s daily morning show Up & Adams, where she is joined by current & former NFL players and other celebrities to talk about the top storylines around the league. Previously, Kay was the host of the NFL Network’s Emmy-winning morning show, Good Morning Football and hosted People Magazine’s syndicated TV show. The daughter of Polish immigrants, Kay learned the value of hard work at an early age and turned every job she had- from bartender to radio host—into a bigger opportunity. On this episode, we talk about taking risks in your career, the power of your network, and betting on yourself.

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Show Notes

  • The work ethic that she learned to embrace from her parents, who emigrated from Poland to seek the American Dream (3:35)
  • How her job bartending at a sports bar in college unlocked a big opportunity (5:18)
  • How a midnight to 6 AM slot on a country music station turned into Kay’s break into the sports industry (7:30)
  • Why she finds sports more fulfilling than entertainment media (9:38)
  • The shift from NFL Network to FanDuel and working in a startup environment (11:16)
  • Finding confidence outside of your natural skills and abilities (13:57)
  • Why it wasn’t scary for her to leave Good Morning Football (16:45)
  • The desire to keep building, growing and embrace discomfort (18:47)
  • It’s not about the competition (20:06)
  • Be a “say yes” person (21:35)
  • You’re only as good as your team (23:54)
  • How she builds rapport and trust quickly (26:37)
  • Confidence comes from reps not external validation (29:12)
  • The changing landscape for women in the sports industry (30:56)
  • Managing her energy in a demanding career (36:52)
  • The power of rituals in optimizing your energy (39:22)
  • The NFL storyline she’s been following most closely this offseason (40:15)

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