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Episode 161- Troy Aikman on The Self-Discipline to Achieve Your Goals

February 2, 2023 • Athletes & Coaches
Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman has reached the height of success on the football field and in the broadcast booth. He’s a Hall of Fame quarterback and an Emmy-nominated broadcaster who serves as the voice of ESPN’s Monday Night Football. During his 12-year playing career, Troy was a 6x Pro Bowl selection and led the storied Dallas Cowboys franchise to three Super Bowl rings. A successful entrepreneur off the field, Troy recently announced the launch of EIGHT, a light beer brewed with organic grains. On this episode, we talk about setting high expectations, performing under pressure, and tackling new challenges.

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Show Notes

  • Making the transition from FOX to ESPN’s Monday Night Football after 20 years (1:59)
  • Unlocking the drive to be your best (3:06)
  • The real reason he retired from the NFL and how he transitioned into broadcasting (4:24)
  • The singular focus that earned him a competitive edge (5:58)
  • How he learned to manage the expectations and spotlight that came with being the star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys (9:32)
  • What it’s like to pursue excellence at the highest level (11:16)
  • Find a purpose and a passion (14:17)
  • How the way he was raised helped him develop mental toughness (17:12)
  • Getting out of his comfort zone to explore new opportunities (19:18)
  • The launch of his new beer, EIGHT (21:30)
  • Learning how to say no (23:55)
  • Your legacy will be defined by those who knew you best (25:04)
  • His health and wellness habits (27:21)
  • A defining moment in his life that changed his perspective (33:23)
  • Reflecting on Tom Brady’s legacy (36:45)


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