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Episode 194- Choose Hard Things with Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman

April 25, 2024 • Athletes & Coaches

Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman is a rising star in the world of college football. With the Fighting Irish positioned for success in his third season as head coach, Marcus reflects on his leadership journey– from standout player to NFL hopeful to college coach. In this episode, we talk about facing adversity, seizing opportunities, and leading with authenticity.

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Show Notes

  • What happened when his NFL dream was cut short (1:35)
  • Embrace moving forward in the face of uncertainty (3:10)
  • Choose hard: Great opportunities usually involve a struggle (5:00)
  • Stepping into a new leadership role (6:27)
  • How he prepared to become a head coach (8:03)
  • His leadership approach (10:16)
  • You can’t coach “not to lose a player” (11:47)
  • Why “shoulder to shoulder” time is important for leaders to build trust (12:54)
  • His biggest leadership lessons (14:05)
  • The advice he got from former head coach Brian Kelly (15:47)
  • Who he considers mentors in his life (18:55)
  • Establishing a new culture inside of tradition (20:42)
  • Focus on how to reach your full potential, not the outcome (24:18)
  • Embracing his Black and Korean heritage (26:12)
  • There is no work-life balance; it’s a blend (28:12)

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