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Episode 37- Dabo Swinney on Leading from the Heart

May 3, 2018 • Athletes & Coaches

With his infectious energy and unbridled enthusiasm, Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney has everyone taking notice of the Tigers. Under his leadership, Clemson won the national championship in 2016 and has appeared in the College Football Playoffs three consecutive years. On this episode, Dabo shares his inside-out approach to leadership, the defining moments in his own journey, and how he’s built a team culture rooted in love, discipline and service.

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Show Notes

  • Dabo’s leadership philosophy (1:15)
  • Core philosophy: “Serve their heart, not their talent.” (2:10)
  • Inside-out leadership approach (3:20)
  • The power of how you live between moments (5:23)
  • A defining moment in Dabo’s life (6:50)
  • Walking on the football team at Alabama (10:55)
  • Enjoying the daily journey and having a “windshield mentality” (12:46)
  • Prepare for your opportunity (13:58)
  • “Bloom where you’re planted.” (16:27)
  • Taking over the Clemson football program as interim head coach in 2008 (19:41)
  • How Dabo builds great relationships with his players (25:47)
  • “Water the bamboo.” (30:57)
  • Being disciplined about the little things: “Do common things in an uncommon way.” (33:12)
  • “Bring your own guts- BYOG.” (35:55)
  • From falling short in 2015 to becoming national champions in 2016 (39:35)
  • The game winning drive in the 2016 national championship to win the game with one second on the clock (43:22)
  • Failure doesn’t have to define you; failure develops you (45:19)
  • Dabo’s approach to goal setting (47:52)
  • Finding your authentic leadership style (50:20)

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