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Episode 162- Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons on How to Lead a Purpose-Driven Life

February 16, 2023 • Athletes & Coaches
Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons

Maya Moore was at the pinnacle of her basketball career when she left it all behind to fight an injustice. That journey for justice turned into a remarkable love story when Maya married the man she helped free from prison after a wrongful conviction, Jonathan Irons. In their new memoir, Love and Justice, Maya and Jonathan open up about the trials and tribulations they faced together and the love that emerged. On this episode, we talk about living out your purpose, anchoring yourself in faith, and finding strength in your connection to others.

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Show Notes

  • How Maya met her now husband, Jonathan (3:35)
  • The details of Jonathan’s case that led to his wrongful conviction (7:10)
  • (13:33)
  • The work Maya and Jonathan are doing with their nonprofit, Win With Justice (14:54)
  • How she maintained her focus on her career while fighting for justice (19:48)
  • Why she made the decision to walk away from basketball at the height of her career (24:38)
  • Advice for finding your purpose (29:59)
  • How Jonathan maintained his hope even in his darkest hours (32:54)
  • Jonathan’s experience transitioning after his release from prison (35:56)
  • What Maya learned playing for legendary coach Geno Auriemma (40:24)
  • How Maya and Jonathan plan to continue to make an impact (44:22)

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