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Episode 138- Sue Bird on Unleashing Your Competitive Drive

March 17, 2022 • Athletes & Coaches
Sue Bird

What does it take to not just get to the top but stay there? Sue Bird is a 4x WNBA champion, 5x Olympic gold medalist and 2x NCAA champion. To say she’s a winner is an understatement. In her 19th season in the WNBA, Sue is looking to lead the Seattle Storm to one more championship in what is expected to be her final season. Sue is a fierce advocate for equality and is the co-founder of TOGETHXR, a media company that elevates and centers women through storytelling. On this episode, we talk about mental toughness, keeping your competitive edge and the legacy she’s leaving behind to inspire the next generation.

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Show Notes

  • Winning is fleeting; you have to love the process (1:47)
  • The competitive drive that’s fueled her success (3:20)
  • How athletes compartmentalize their emotions to be able to compete at the highest level (4:18)
  • Show up when it’s hard, and show yourself grace (5:58)
  • The valuable lesson she learned from a “rebuilding season” (6:40)
  • Learning to manage your energy (8:39)
  • What she learned playing for UConn coach Geno Auriemma that built her confidence (10:58)
  • How she strengthens her mental toughness (13:15)
  • The importance of finding balance to reset (17:28)
  • The competitive edge of the best and a story about Kobe Bryant (19:09)
  • Appreciate the little wins (21:35)
  • Why she wouldn’t change anything about her journey and the sacrifices she’s made (22:52)
  • The support she got from her parents as a young player (25:47)
  • Why the WNBA has always been at the forefront of social activism (27:00)
  • Using her voice and her platform to create change (30:47)
  • The inspiration behind TogethXr, the media brand she created with fellow female Olympians (31:56)
  • Why we should view female athletes for their potential (33:58)
  • How social media, NIL deals and other platforms have changed the landscape for female athletes (35:37)
  • Creating a legacy that goes beyond winning (38:56)
  • What she plans to do after her playing career (40:49)


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