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Episode 192- Bet On Yourself with Emmy Award-winning Journalist Tamron Hall

March 28, 2024 • Inspiration & Motivation
Tamron Hall

After landing her dream job on the TODAY Show and establishing herself as a well-respected anchor, Tamron Hall was replaced and offered a diminished role with the network. Undeterred, she chose to bet on herself, walking away to write her next chapter on her own terms. Today, she hosts the acclaimed talk show “Tamron Hall,” now in its fifth season, captivating audiences with her fresh, relatable voice and insightful interviews with changemakers. As an Emmy Award-winning journalist, Tamron’s career includes hosting the third hour of TODAY, anchoring MSNBC Live, and hosting Court TV’s original true-crime series, “Someone They Knew With Tamron Hall.” She is also a successful author, known for her “Jordan Manning” mystery series, with her second book, Watch Where They Hide, recently released. In our conversation, Tamron shares lessons on knowing your value, having the courage to leave situations that no longer serve you, and the transformative power of betting on yourself.

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Show Notes

  • How Tamron’s family raised her to be fearless (2:08)
  • Take pride in what you bring to the table (5:18)
  • A lesson in knowing her value when she was replaced on The Today Show (7:14)
  • The power in having people root for you (13:34)
  • What Tamron learned about herself in the moments of adversity (15:07)
  • How she leaned into her credentials and pitched “The Tamron Hall Show” (17:53)
  • Why she’s successful because other people can see themselves in her journey (22:34)
  • Her superpower: being a strategic overthinker (25:35)
  • A powerful example of staying present and focusing on what you can control (28:15)
  • Stay grounded by developing a strong sense of self (30:47)
  • Be present and aware, and you’ll be able to pivot (34:18)
  • Find a physical reminder like Tamron’s “Smile” sign to shift your mindset (35:51)
  • Why Tamron was inspired to write a mystery series during the pandemic (37:14)

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