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Episode 167- Eve Rodsky on The Hidden Costs of Doing It All

April 13, 2023 • Book Club
Eve Rodsky

What if you treated your home as your most important organization? Frustrated by all the unpaid, invisible work she was doing for her family—and recognizing she wasn’t alone—Eve Rodksy set out to change society one partnership at a time. In her bestselling book Fair Play, Eve applies her Harvard-trained background in organizational management to create a system that helps partners rebalance their domestic workload and reimagine their relationship. On this episode, we explore the hidden costs of doing it all, and how to rebalance our home life through boundaries, systems and communication.

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Show Notes

  • Becoming the “she-fault” parent (2:06)
  • Applying a behavior design lens to the home (7:57)
  • The secret formula: boundaries, systems and communication (10:15)
  • Making the invisible work visible (12:14)
  • “How does mustard get in your refrigerator?” (14:38)
  • Ownership mindset of tasks (conception, planning, execution) creates fairness (16:35)
  • All time is created equal (20:40)
  • How to initiate a conversation about fair play (23:16)
  • Four ways that women devalue their own time (26:57)
  • Make daily communication with your partner a practice (28:55)
  • How to move beyond lists and scorekeeping to true partnership (30:36)
  • How the pandemic has changed the conversation around invisible work (36:08)
  • Taking this conversation to the policy level (37:44)
  • The impact on women’s physical health (38:33)
  • Where is burnout originating for women? (41:37)
  • Finding your “unicorn space” (43:16)

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