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Episode 164- Jim Larrañaga on The 4 Levels of Commitment

March 14, 2023 • Athletes & Coaches
Jim Larrañaga

March Madness is here and I’m kicking it off with a coaching legend, University of Miami basketball coach Jim Larrañaga. A first-time nominee for the Naismith Hall of Fame, he’s won more than 700 games in his 39 seasons as a head coach which ranks in the Top 10 among active coaches. Larrañaga captured the hearts of basketball fans around the country in 2006 when he led George Mason to the Final Four, becoming the first mid-major semifinalist in 27 years. In 12 seasons with Miami, he’s led the Hurricanes to six NCAA tournament appearances, including an Elite Eight appearance a season ago. On this episode, we talk about the four levels of commitment, leading in alignment with your core values, and how to coach discipline and accountability.

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Show Notes

  • Coach Larrañaga’s definition of leadership (1:43)
  • The book that transformed his coaching career (3:03)
  • His program’s core values (attitude, commitment, class) and the four levels of commitment (4:06)
  • How he gets his team to understand and embrace the power of habits (5:46)
  • His approach to goal setting at the individual and team level (8:11)
  • How he defines discipline clearly for his team and holds them accountable (9:00)
  • How to leverage visualization to achieve success (11:32)
  • Why he left George Mason for Miami (14:32)
  • How he changed the mindset of his team early in his career (17:40)
  • An example of how he empowers his team to earn their role (20:35)
  • How he evaluates talent and the intangibles when recruiting (23:31)
  • His first role as player-coach as a high school freshman (26:32)
  • The leadership books that have impacted his life the most (28:23)
  • “Train, then trust.” (30:30)
  • Seeing his son Jay succeed as a coach in the NBA (33:23)


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