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Episode 140- Brad Stevens on How to Lead with a Growth Mindset

April 14, 2022 • Athletes & Coaches
Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens is the architect behind the Boston Celtics franchise, serving as the team’s President of Basketball Operations. He previously spent eight seasons as the Celtics head coach, leading the team to seven straight trips to the playoffs and three Eastern Conference Finals appearances. Before joining the Celtics, Stevens coached at Butler University where he led the Bulldogs to two appearances in the national championship game. On this episode, we talk about finding contentment in the pursuit, the three qualities he looks for in hiring, and his advice for young leaders.

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Show Notes

  • The start of his coaching career (1:43)
  • How he’s approached his various career transitions (3:47)
  • The most important thing you can do as a leader is be yourself (8:30)
  • His relationship with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick (9:46)
  • His three top priorities after taking on the new role (11:40)
  • The three qualities he looks for when hiring: humble, intelligent and hard working (14:01)
  • What he looks for when building a team (16:20)
  • The importance of competitive character (18:57)
  • How to coach growth mindset (24:32)
  • How he navigates major career decisions (26:54)
  • Advice for young leaders (29:05)
  • How to lead with humility and confidence (30:42)
  • Will he return to coaching? (33:38)
  • What he learned coaching in the NBA’s “bubble season” (35:29)


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