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Episode 42- Daniel Coyle on The Secrets of Highly Successful Teams

July 12, 2018 • Book Club
Daniel Coyle

Why do some groups add up to be greater than the sum of their parts while others end up to be less? In his new book, The Culture CodeNew York Times bestselling author Daniel Coyle goes inside some of the world’s most successful organizations to examine how great cultures are built and sustained. On this episode, we talk about the three skills that generate collaborative cultures and learn how leaders can use these tools to build strong cultures inside their own organizations.

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Show Notes

  • The inspiration behind The Talent Code and The Culture Code (1:34)
  • Secrets to high performance from the San Antonio Spurs (3:52)
  • Here’s how to give magical feedback (6:32)
  • Lessons in building culture from the Navy SEALS (7:51)
  • The value of After Action Reviews (10:41)
  • How the vulnerability loop drives collaboration and trust (12:52)
  • Tips for building cohesion by boosting safety (16:22)
  • Tips for building trust by getting vulnerability (26:30)
  • Tips for defining purpose by sharing stories (31:25)
  • How teams with strong culture recruit and retain talent differently (37:02)
  • The problem with hiring for cultural fit (38:53)


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