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Episode 191- Protect Your Peace with Mindset Expert Trent Shelton

March 14, 2024 • Book Club
Trent Shelton Headshot

Your perspective on life can be your power or your prison. It can serve your anxiety, your stress, and your depression, or it can support your peace, your courage, and your growth. Trent Shelton is a mindset expert and one of the most impactful speakers of this generation. When his NFL dream ended abruptly, Trent began recording 2-minute videos of his daily progress and posting them on social media with the hashtag #RehabTime. Today, Trent reaches over 60 million people weekly through his hard-hitting yet always uplifting messages. His new book Protect Your Peace is a guide for how to protect your energy from the things that drain it, your mind from the things that distract you, and your soul from the things that don’t fulfill you. On this episode, Trent shares practical strategies to disconnect from negativity, hone your vision, and bring your life into alignment with your true purpose.


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Show Notes

  • The biggest lesson he learned from having his NFL dream cut short (1:57)
  • “Sometimes you have to lose certain things to gain better things.” (7:39)
  • “You’ll never win your war by running from your battles.” (9:05)
  • How his best friend’s suicide moved him to discover there was more to his own life (11:24)
  • Change your self-talk to go from your greatest enemy to your greatest supporter (12:19)
  • How becoming a father made him become a better man (13:57)
  • Protect your energy: What are you giving your energy to and who’s giving energy to you? (15:43)
  • Protect your mind: Do you have a prison perspective or a power perspective? (18:13)
  • Protect your soul: Happiness is an inside job (19:18)
  • Seek fulfillment: do what you love with who you love (21:06)
  • Send out an invitation to your growth party (22:52)
  • Structure your life around peace, energy and connection (26:08)
  • Don’t eat the frog! Ask yourself this one question instead. (28:03)
  • Stop asking: “What does this mean?” Start asking: “What is this going to mean?” (31:46)
  • Why do we give away our peace so freely? (33:40)
  • The danger of living a life of comparison (35:18)
  • Sometimes you have to love people from a distance to protect your peace (37:04)


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