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Episode 141- Anthony Trucks on How to Shift Your Identity to Reach Your Full Potential

Anthony Trucks

How can you become the person you want to be? Success only happens when who you are at your core aligns with your life’s vision. Anthony Trucks is a former NFL athlete and author of Identity Shift. He spent his childhood in the foster care system where he operated in survival mode before being adopted at age 14. Anthony went on to earn a football scholarship and made it to the NFL before his dream came crashing down after an injury. Facing the odds once again, he had to pivot– and that’s how he discovered the power of the identity shift. Anthony’s life mission is teaching people how to Make Shift Happen in their lives. On this episode, we talk about how to reprogram your life from the inside out, turn roadblocks into opportunities, and elevate your life to reach your full potential.

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Show Notes

  • Anthony’s experience growing up in the foster care system (1:47)
  • Ask yourself: “who do I need to be?” not “what do I need to do?” (4:17)
  • Create your hustle harmony (9:48)
  • How he overcame obstacles to make it to the NFL (11:19)
  • The price of admission to success is failure (15:39)
  • What happened when an injury shattered his NFL dream (18:52)
  • The moment his life hit rock bottom (22:37)
  • A conversation that helped pull him out of the darkness in his life (27:34)
  • The difference between a mindset shift and an identity shift (30:54)
  • How fixed is identity? (34:53)
  • How do you know when you need an identity shift? (36:36)
  • Advice to his younger self (38:17)


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