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Episode 119- Alex Guerrero on How Tom Brady Sustains Peak Performance

June 24, 2021 • Peak Performance
Alex Guerrero, TB12

Meet Alex Guerrero, the man behind Tom Brady’s success. Known as Brady’s body coach, their partnership has spanned 15 years and three Super Bowl titles. In 2013, Alex and Tom co-founded TB12, with the goal of helping people everywhere feel better and perform their best. This episode is all about how to sustain peak performance. Alex shares the keys to developing a winning mindset, recovery techniques, and gives us a unique look inside the mindset of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

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Show Notes

  • His partnership with NFL quarterback Tom Brady (1:41)
  • What separates Tom Brady from the competition (2:29)
  • Performance is rooted in a winning mindset (3:23)
  • Accomplish what you want, not what you think you can (6:21)
  • Develop the tools to create balance and come back to center (8:31)
  • The keys to Tom Brady’s sustained success (10:43)
  • Tom Brady’s approach to goal setting (12:31)
  • Don’t let complacency creep in (14:07)
  • How Tom Brady physically prepares (15:22)
  • How Tom Brady mentally prepares (17:51)
  • How to recover from adversity faster (20:11)
  • The 3 Cs: clear current communication (23:05)
  • Energy: Know your outputs; write down your inputs (25:06)
  • Brady’s mindset leaving the Patriots to sign with the Bucs (27:11)
  • The ability to hyperfocus in the moment (28:08)
  • The difference between feeling better and getting better (30:16)
  • The mission of TB12 (31:18)
  • How Alex defines peak performance (32:58)
  • The six principles of the TB12 Winning Mindset (33:16)


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