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Episode 204- 5 Practices to Develop Greater Resilience

July 11, 2024 •

Years ago, I asked legendary golf teacher Butch Harmon what separates the best from the rest. I’ll never forget his answer: “The best recover from adversity faster than everyone else.” On my latest solo podcast, I’m diving into how we can build resilience not just to bounce back from challenges, but to grow through them. Think of resilience like a muscle—we have to work it to make it stronger. Resilience is the pathway to personal growth and transformation. By reframing setbacks and adversity as opportunities for development, we can emerge stronger and more capable than before. Ultimately, building resilience isn’t just about returning to where we were; it’s about becoming a better version of ourselves through each challenge we face. Here are five ways to develop resilience:

  1. Cultivate a “next play” mentality.
  2. Expect to be tested.
  3. Embrace failure as feedback.
  4. Remember setbacks are temporary.
  5. Recognize pressure is privilege.

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