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Episode 21- Andy Stanley on 5 Characteristics of Leaders Worth Following

September 21, 2017 • Book Club
Andy Stanley

What are the essential leadership traits of leaders worth following? Communicator, author and pastor Andy Stanley breaks down the 5 characteristics of next generation leaders. The founder of North Point Ministries, Andy has written more than 20 books and reaches millions of people each month through his sermons, live events, podcast and TV show. On this episode, Andy discusses the three biggest mistakes leaders make, the myth of the well-rounded leader, and his own personal leadership philosophy.

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Show Notes

  • Andy describes his leadership philosophy (40:00)
  • The 5 characteristics of leaders worth following (5:27)
  • The three biggest mistakes leaders make (9:48)
  • The myth of the well-rounded leader (15:09)
  • How leaders can get clear on their unique gifts (17:28)
  • How to create a culture of feedback (20:20)
  • If there is no uncertainty, there is no need for leadership (22:38)
  • Leading through change (24:11)
  • How to lead when you are not in charge (26:04)
  • Mission statements vs. goal setting (32:52)
  • Why we need to establish guardrails (34:27)
  • How do I find someone to mentor me? (36:09)
  • The best advice he’s ever received (39:07)


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