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Episode 201- How to Use Adversity to Master Your Mindset with Damon West

June 20, 2024 •

Damon West has an incredible journey of transformation and redemption that you won’t want to miss. A promising college football quarterback, Damon seemingly had it all before a career-ending injury spiraled into drug addiction. By his early professional years, Damon was hooked on meth and running a burglary ring to fuel his habit. Sentenced to 65 years in a Texas maximum-security prison, Damon found sobriety and a new purpose in life. Since his parole more than seven years later, Damon has dedicated his life to inspiring others. Today he is a much sought-after speaker and best-selling coauthor of “The Coffee Bean” with Jon Gordon. On this episode, we talk about overcoming adversity, transforming your environment and the power of mindset.

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Show Notes

  • How Damon lost his identity after a career-ending football injury and spiraled into addiction (1:41)
  • Getting a life sentence at a super max prison in Texas (6:40)
  • The life-changing words his mother imparted before he was locked up (9:04)
  • The wisdom of “the coffee bean” (11:15)
  • Damon’s search for his friend Muhammad who changed his life in prison (16:21)
  • What it took to survive prison (21:25)
  • The power of mindset (26:07)
  • How Damon was able to transform the environment around him by changing his mindset (28:23)
  • Begin in gratitude (31:48)
  • The two questions Damon starts each day asking himself (34:00)
  • Find the opportunity in the obstacle (35:02)
  • Fear is a liar (38:34)


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