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Episode 57- Inky Johnson on Overcoming Adversity

February 7, 2019 • Athletes & Coaches
Inky Johnson

As a college football player, Inky Johnson dreamed of playing in the NFL to make a better life for his family. Inky was on the way to achieving his dream when an injury changed everything. What should have been a routine tackle led to a life-threatening injury that ended his football career and permanently paralyzed his right arm. Instead of being defeated, Inky channeled his hardship into a powerful message of overcoming adversity. As a popular motivational speaker, Inky empowers audiences to embrace the daily challenges of life to live with a greater purpose.

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Show Notes

  • Growing up in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta in a two-bedroom home with 14 people (2:15)
  • What football meant to Inky as a kid (5:18)
  • Falling in love with the process and the structure of football (6:50)
  • What Inky learned about the power of forgiveness from struggling to repair his relationship with his father (9:04)
  • How he was able to maintain perspective and a positive outlook in the tough times (10:35)
  • The life-threatening injury that ended Inky’s college football career and changed his life forever (11:45)
  • What the doctors told Inky when he arrived at the hospital (13:56)
  • “Worrying is a down payment on a problem that you may never have.” (18:25)
  • The transition from high school to college football (19:50)
  • “Courage is the ability to start something without any guarantee of success” (23:00)
  • A defining moment in Inky’s life (24:40)
  • His journey after football (27:32)
  • The story of going to meet Oprah Winfrey (29:26)
  • The moment he realized the power of his story (36:09)
  • His advice for someone going through adversity (38:35)
  • Learning to trust change (43:31)

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