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Episode 88- Dan Quinn and Russ Rausch on Strengthening Your Mental Game

April 16, 2020 • Athletes & Coaches
Dan Quinn

How do elite performers mentally train for success? Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and Vision Pursue founder Russ Rausch discuss the relationship between mindset and performance. As an NFL coach, Dan uses Vision Pursue’s performance mindset training with his team to strengthen their mental game. In this episode, we talk about how to develop mental toughness, focus through distractions and perform under pressure.

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Show Notes

Resources / People Mentioned

  • The partnership between Dan Quinn and Vision Pursue (2:37)
  • Developing his leadership philosophy in Atlanta (4:31)
  • Default mindset vs. performance mindset (5:48)
  • How he gets his players to embrace mindfulness training (7:17)
  • SEE- separate, embrace, evaluate (8:11)
  • The lessons he learned personally from a tough season (10:40)
  • How the team rallied around Coach Quinn (13:07)
  • A three-step framework to processing emotions (14:00)
  • A tip for high performance under pressure (16:15)
  • The leadership lessons Dan Quinn has learned from Arthur Blank (17:41)
  • “Tell The Truth Mondays” (19:39)
  • Dan Quinn’s leadership style (24:59)
  • What he has learned from coaches in other sports (26:23)
  • Training your brain to make thoughts and emotions more in sync (32:28)
  • How to change your thought patterns (36:43)
  • Visualizing yourself recovering from adversity (43:13)
  • How to change a team culture (44:16)

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