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Episode 78- David Fajgenbaum on What I Learned About Living from Nearly Dying

November 26, 2019 • Book Club
David Fajgenbaum

Imagine facing a life-threatening disease with no known cure. Now imagine that you are a physician- and the person facing the disease is you. That’s the story David Fajgenbaum tells in his memoir, Chasing My Cure: A Doctor’s Race To Turn Hope Into Action. David battles Castleman disease, a rare disease involving the immune system attacking and shutting down vital organs. Faced with lengthy hospitalizations and multiple near-death relapses, David realized that the best person to find a cure might be himself. In our conversation, David shares what it means to turn hope into action and why sometimes you have to create your own silver linings.

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Show Notes

  • How his mom’s battle with brain cancer inspired him to study to become a physician (1:48)
  • The realization that something wasn’t right (2:49)
  • David’s first near-death experience and searching for a diagnosis (4:30)
  • What is Castleman Disease? (5:20)
  • The unexpected gift of humor in tough times (6:55)
  • How his perspective shifted going from physician to patient (9:40)
  • His guiding principle: “Think it. Do it.” (11:46)
  • We are all living life in overtime (14:42)
  • What’s given him strength to get through five relapses (17:54)
  • The search to find his own cure (21:11)
  • How his understanding of love changed through his relationship with his now-wife Caitlin (25:46)
  • The power in creating your own silver linings (29:07)
  • Fear can paralyze; it can also focus. (32:30)
  • How we should think differently about innovation (35:30)
  • What David has learned about living from nearly dying (38:19)

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