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Episode 25- Dawn Staley on Building A Championship Culture

November 16, 2017 • Athletes & Coaches
Dawn Staley

Named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune, Dawn Staley is writing the playbook for success… in basketball and beyond. A self-proclaimed “odds beater,” she discovered her love of the game as a kid growing up in the projects of North Philadelphia. From there, the Hall of Famer has found success at every level as a player and coach. As the women’s basketball coach at the University of South Carolina, Dawn led the program to its first national championship in 2017 and was recently named the coach of the USA Basketball Women’s National Team. On this episode, Dawn shares what it took to build a winning culture at South Carolina, the key ingredients of championship teams, and how to develop young leaders.

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Show Notes

  • How she discovered her purpose in coaching (2:45)
  • Embracing the challenge of building the South Carolina basketball program (6:19)
  • Her approach to recruiting talent (10:10)
  • The grassroots approach to building a fan base (13:37)
  • The ingredients of a championship team (15:59)
  • Developing young leaders to leave a legacy of leadership (18:24)
  • Tips for maintaining confidence during slumps (20:37)
  • The importance of transparent communication and honest feedback (22:20)
  • The best advice she has received (24:27)
  • Her advice to parents involved with youth sports (26:45)
  • What the sport of basketball means to her (31:28)
  • Inspiring others by sharing her story (33:30)
  • Making community involvement part of the program (37:00)

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