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Episode 159- Ron Rivera on Building Resilient Teams

January 5, 2023 • Athletes & Coaches
Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera is the head coach of the Washington Commandeers and a two-time NFL Coach of the Year. Shortly after his start in Washington, Ron was diagnosed with cancer. Despite undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments, Ron continued to coach and incredibly never missed a game. In January 2021, he was declared cancer free. Prior to the Commanders, Ron was the head coach for the Carolina Panthers from 2011-2019, leading the team to three consecutive division titles and a Super Bowl appearance. A former NFL player, he played nine seasons with the Chicago Bears including the 1985 Super Bowl team. On this episode, we talk about leading through adversity, building a culture of excellence, and rising to the occasion.

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Show Notes

  • Ron Rivera’s leadership philosophy and core values (2:38)
  • How his background growing up as a military kid shaped him (4:08)
  • Once you set the standard, then you can delegate (8:00)
  • The difference between a dream and a vision. (9:50)
  • What he does when a player is struggling (11:34)
  • How to coach your team to manage distractions (13:21)
  • Three things you control: your attitude, your preparation, your effort (16:41)
  • Tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear (20:07)
  • When someone has talent but not drive, take away the opportunity and see how they respond (21:47)
  • You are responsible for your time and your energy (25:50)
  • As a leader, you have to seek out feedback (29:06)
  • The importance of connecting with strong locker room leaders (33:01)
  • How his cancer diagnosis changed his perspective on life (34:36)
  • Never missing a game through his cancer diagnosis and chemo treatment (37:21)
  • The hardest thing and the most rewarding thing about being an NFL coach (42:10)
  • The difference between good teams and great teams (43:33)
  • Ron shares memories of his parents and how they impacted him (46:04)


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