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Episode 126- Ernie Johnson on The Power of Authenticity

September 30, 2021 • Athletes & Coaches
Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson is one of the most recognizable and loved sports personalities on TV. A 3x Sports Emmy Award winner, Ernie hosts the popular postgame show Inside the NBA on TNT. In his book Unscripted, Ernie opens up about life both on and off the screen. On this episode, we talk about the unpredictable moments that make life extraordinary. Ernie shares the life lessons he learned from his battle with cancer, how he’s been able to prioritize both work and family, and the beauty of living life unscripted.

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Show Notes

  • Why he chose a career in sports journalism (2:10)
  • It’s a “get to” job, not a “got to” job (4:30)
  • Adopting his special needs son Michael from Romania (7:27)
  • How Michael has changed his perspective on life (12:49)
  • How he prioritizes both his work and his family (15:38)
  • The ability to stay present and focused (19:22)
  • It’s not about you (22:35)
  • The unscripted elements of Inside the NBA that make it a success (23:36)
  • Ernie’s favorite story from the Inside the NBA set (24:59)
  • How the show evolved over time (28:50)
  • Leaning into tough conversations on air (32:25)
  • The decision to stay on air after his cancer diagnosis (37:21)
  • Recognize the “blackberry moments” in your life (41:14)
  • How his faith has been tested and strengthened through cancer (45:05)


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