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Episode 29- Ginger Hardage on How Southwest Airlines Built A Legendary Company Culture

January 11, 2018 • Business Leaders
Ginger Hardage, Southwest Airlines

As former SVP of Culture & Communications for Southwest Airlines, Ginger Hardage spent 25 years championing the values at the heart of Southwest’s legendary culture. Her new brand, Unstoppable Cultures, is on a mission to help organizations create and sustain cultures of enduring greatness. On this episode, Ginger shares the core values behind “The Southwest Way,” and breaks down how you can build a healthy, strong culture in your own organization.

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Show Notes

  • The core values at the heart of Southwest Airlines
  • Why culture matters and how to empower employees to take ownership (4:05)
  • How Southwest Airlines recruits, hires and retains talent (6:02)
  • Hire tough so you can manage easy (8:52)
  • Threading company values throughout the employee experience (10:40)
  • “The Southwest Way” in action and the value of storytelling (13:40)
  • Southwest CEO Gary Kelly has a unique approach to connecting with employees (16:15)
  • Advice on how to change your company’s culture (20:14)
  • Ginger’s favorite books on company culture (24:25)
  • The biggest culture killers that create a toxic workplace culture (25:27)
  • The mission behind her new brand, Unstoppable Cultures (29:28)

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