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Episode 41- Herm Edwards on You Play To Win The Game

June 28, 2018 • Athletes & Coaches
Herm Edwards

What can the game of football teach us about life and leadership? Everything. Arizona State University football coach Herm Edwards has experienced every facet of the game as a player, ESPN analyst, and coach. Herm has an incredible way of wrapping up decades of leadership lessons from the football world and applying them to our own lives. On this episode, we talk about the difference between people who are interested and those who are committed, what it means to lead with integrity, and why success is sometimes harder to handle than failure. This one is a playbook for leaders in any field.

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Show Notes

  • On leadership (1:28)
  • His advice to new leaders on how to communicate a vision (3:18)
  • Embracing change (4:39)
  • The difference between rules and expectations (5:28)
  • The difference between interested and committed (7:52)
  • People don’t want to be treated the same; they want to be treated fairly (9:45)
  • Know your personnel- how John Lynch went from linebacker to safety (11:45)
  • Herm’s approach to recruiting (13:43)
  • Do they love football or do they love what football provides them? (16:48)
  • Integrity is everything (17:37)
  • The influence his dad had on his life (21:21)
  • The keys to executing at a high level (27:18)
  • Which is harder to handle— success or failure? (28:39)
  • The power of relationships (31:12)

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