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Episode 108- Jay Bilas on How to Develop Toughness

January 21, 2021 • Athletes & Coaches
Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas has been called one of The 10 Most Powerful Voices in Sports Media by The Hollywood Reporter and one of The 25 Most Powerful People in College Sports by Forbes. Both a lawyer and talent for ESPN, Jay brings a unique perspective to the world of sports. A four-year starter on the basketball team at Duke, Jay played professionally overseas before returning to Duke to join the coaching staff and earn his law degree. Since 1995, he’s worked for ESPN covering college basketball, the NBA draft and sports business. In our conversation, we dig into the future of college sports, his book Toughness, and the lessons he learned playing for Coach K.

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Show Notes

  • Building a versatile career: from coach to lawyer to broadcaster (1:59)
  • How Jay’s mom encouraged him to get out of his comfort zone (4:08)
  • Why he traded his legal career for broadcasting (7:25)
  • Never say no to an opportunity (9:23)
  • Why he isn’t afraid to use his platform to criticize NCAA policies (11:08)
  • The changes he thinks need to happen in college sports (12:40)
  • What he thinks the college sports landscape will look like in 5-10 years (14:30)
  • Jay’s thoughts on name, image and likeness (18:10)
  • His approach to receiving feedback or criticism (20:24)
  • How he defines toughness (24:51)
  • The toughest player Jay ever faced (28:40)
  • How to develop toughness (31:59)
  • What makes Coach K special (35:17)
  • The characteristics of an ideal teammate / colleague (39:12)
  • The most memorable event he’s covered (43:25)

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