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Episode 70- John O’Leary on How to Stay Positive in Tough Times

August 8, 2019 • Inspiration & Motivation
John O'Leary

At age 9, John O’Leary suffered burns to 100% of his body after a gasoline explosion in his family home. He was given a 1% chance to live. John not only survived, he made it his life’s mission to inspire others. Today as an author and keynote speaker, John shares the lessons he learned through his experience and celebrates the everyday heroes who stepped into his life to help him on his journey. On this episode, we talk about tackling challenges with joy, owning your story, and living with intention.

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Show Notes

  • The accident that changed John’s life at age 9 (1:46)
  • The hard truth his mother gave him in the hospital (4:15)
  • Choosing joy and gratitude in moments of adversity (8:13)
  • The everyday heroes that changed John’s life (10:59)
  • How he masked his reality for years before making a change (17:28)
  • How his parents’ book forced him to confront and then take ownership of his story (20:45)
  • How to say yes to life (22:48)
  • How to lean into adversity with perspective (26:22)
  • Leading with brokenness (36:30)

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