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Episode 16 – Jon Gordon on Positive Leadership

July 13, 2017 • Leadership
Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon’s passion is developing positive leaders and inspiring winning team cultures. The author of the international bestseller The Energy Bus, Jon is a sought after speaker on leadership, culture, sales and teamwork. On today’s episode, Jon shares what he’s learned about building thriving team cultures, why positive leadership inspires high performance, and what to do when energy vampires threaten your workplace culture. Get his latest book, The Power of Positive Leadership, available now.

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Show Notes

  • The turning point in his life that motivated change (2:07)
  • His advice to make the shift from negative to positive (3:22)
  • Why grit is greater than thought (4:32)
  • How to speak truth to lies in your life (5:00)
  • Why to be great even when you don’t feel great (7:24)
  • Purpose-driven motivation lasts (8:44)
  • How to find your purpose (9:40)
  • Why Dabo Swinney is a special leader and how he re-energized his team to win after a big loss (11:28)
  • The best leaders in the world provide love and accountability (13:43)
  • Example of a leadership team stuck in negative behavior and how he helped them change (16:50)
  • This exercise helps teams grow closer (19:03)
  • How to deal with the energy vampires in your life (21:12)
  • The best way to deliver tough, honest feedback (24:24)
  • Advice for a positive person stuck in a negative culture (26:43)
  • His greatest accomplishment (31:01)
  • His personal vision (33:00)

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