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Episode 33- Joshua Medcalf on How to Fall in Love with the Process of Becoming Great

Joshua Medcalf

After asking the question, “What would I do if money didn’t matter?” Joshua Medcalf dropped out of his Masters program at Duke University, turned down scholarships to law school, and moved across the country to live and serve at a homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles. From there, he went on to found Train to be CLUTCH, a consultancy whose mission is a heart-first approach to leadership, life skills and mental training. He’s the author of five books, including the bestseller Chop Wood Carry Water. On this episode, Joshua shares the difference between being goal-driven vs. mission driven, the true meaning of mental toughness, and what happens when we confuse what we do with who we are.

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Show Notes

  • What inspired Joshua’s journey (1:56)
  • What does the world need? What am I passionate about? What am I really good at? (5:50)
  • Joshua’s mental training work with sports teams (7:34)
  • The problem with arbitrary outcome-based goals (9:33)
  • His definition of true mental toughness (10:36)
  • The difference between mission driven and goal driven (11:10)
  • What you do vs. who you are (13:18)
  • How to fall in love with the process (16:12)
  • A story from Chop Wood Carry Water (19:02)
  • The difference between positive self-talk vs. beneficial and constructive thinking (27:28)
  • The importance of showing up consistently for others (32:56)
  • A new scorecard exercise (35:15)
  • The three things that women’s soccer coach Anson Dorrance does that drive North Carolina’s success (39:52)
  • The biggest influences in Joshua’s life (50:30)

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