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Episode 97- Peloton’s Ally Love on Using Conversation as a Catalyst for Change

Ally Love

If you’re one of the 1.4 million members of the Peloton community, then you probably already know Ally Love. Ally is a Peloton instructor, founder of Love Squad, in-arena host for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, and Adidas global ambassador. In other words, she does it all. On this episode, Ally shares how to keep people engaged in a virtual environment, her approach to tough conversations, and how she’s successfully built a multi-dimensional career.

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Show Notes

  • How to keep people engaged in a virtual environment (1:54)
  • How Ally has navigated the blurred line between work and home while teaching classes from her living room (4:55)
  • Peloton’s culture of collaboration, community and innovation (7:00)
  • The near-death accident that changed Ally’s perspective on life and became a catalyst (8:43)
  • How Ally embraced a multi-faceted career as part of the “slash generation” (13:00)
  • Find the intersectionality of what you love and what you’re good at (16:20)
  • How Ally makes decisions around what to say yes and no to in her career (20:09)
  • The 3 S’s: Structure + Strategy = Success (21:52)
  • Re-defining self-care, saying no, and the importance of discipline (24:35)
  • Ally talks about the vision behind her company, Love Squad (29:20)
  • Conversation as a catalyst for change (32:59)
  • How to approach difficult conversations (37:03)
  • The upcoming projects Ally is working on (39:39)

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