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Episode 84- Ryan Hawk on How to Grow as a Leader

February 20, 2020 • Book Club
Ryan Hawk Headshot

Wouldn’t it be nice if leadership came with an instruction manual? In his new book, Welcome to ManagementRyan Hawk is sharing the advice he wishes he knew when he transitioned into a leadership role. Ryan is the host of the popular podcast, The Learning Leader Show,which boasts millions of listeners in 150+ countries. On this episode, Ryan shares how to transition seamlessly from individual performer to exceptional leader. Listen in to discover the common qualities top leaders share and the three skill sets every leader needs to master.

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Show Notes

  • Ryan’s personal leadership journey (1:23)
  • The common mistakes leaders make (5:01)
  • Transferring skills from sports to the business world (6:38)
  • Tips for leaders to prepare for one-on-one meetings with a direct report (8:56)
  • The power of using curiosity to connect (11:52)
  • Ryan’s “welcome to management” moment that inspired the book (15:50)
  • How to build relationships with people who are difficult to connect with (22:29)
  • Leading with trust and how to share vulnerability as a leader (24:29)
  • Why “player-led teams” are more successful long-term (26:48)
  • The three elements of leadership: coaching (for development and performance), managing, and leading (34:09)
  • Micromanagement is not scalable. (37:46)
  • Ryan’s favorite leadership resources (40:01)
  • Some of Ryan’s favorite episodes from his podcast (43:20)

Resources / People Mentioned

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