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Do These 3 Things to be a Better Virtual Negotiator

September 15, 2020 • Uncategorized

3-ways-to-negotiate-virtuallyHow many of you are having to negotiate or re-negotiate right now, but are posed with different challenges than just the negotiation, in light of our virtual world?

Many of you are finding yourselves having to negotiate virtually right now.  In our Game Changer Negotiation Training™ we encourage people to to negotiate in person, but since many of us can’t right now, I wanted to share some best practices to close deals virtually.

  1. Negotiate on a video call.I know you don’t want another video call right now, but during difficult conversations, which is what a negotiation can become, we get so much back through seeing the other person. We gain more clarity on the other person’s tone, timing, facial expressions, and how engaged he or she is. In addition to what you gain, remember that how you show up via video sends lots of messages too. So stay aware and alert to your non-verbal communication as much as you are dialed in to theirs.
  1. Ask questions. Then ask some more.Connection over any kind of technology is more difficult than live, hence the need to be even more curious during these conversations. Curiosity drives connection, engagement and provides clarity as to what matters most to the other person. Be prepared with questions in advance and really listen – listen so you can ask more questions and gain more clarity. Use our 360 Discovery Model™ from our Game Changer Negotiation Training™ to help you craft questions:


  1. Embrace the Pause.One of the techniques that is easy to lose when negotiating virtually is remembering to embrace the pause. Pausing inside of difficult conversations sends a message of thoughtful confidence. It’s a little more awkward via video, I get it, but using a pause is important and powerful. When you ask for what you want, pause. Hold the space. Let them process it. In that moment they learn that you believe in your position and your ask.

Your Game Changer Takeaway

You and the person you are negotiating with are both on the same playing field, negotiating or re-negotiating virtually.  Negotiation is often a long process, so use these three best practices for virtual negotiations and close better deals, faster.

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