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Stuck on Autopilot? Here are 4 Leadership Tips to Get You Out of a Rut

May 23, 2017 • Uncategorized

Stuck on Autopilot? Here are 4 Leadership Tips to Get You Out of a RutWhen a leader goes on autopilot, the lack of energy can affect the entire team—and the bottom line. It’s important to watch for warning signs so that you remain present and sharp for your next leadership challenge.

Here are my 4 best tips for leaders who are stuck on autopilot.

1. Be present. Recently while on the road, I worked out with an old friend who I have known for years. As we paused in our workout, I checked my phone out of habit and responded to texts and emails. My friend called me on it. “Part of the reason for doing the workout is for the experience of working out,” he said. And it was true. Yes, I was working out for the health benefits, but my workout routine on the road is also how I re-energize and refocus before a keynote. A good workout is one where I am all in and fully engaged. A leader stays present and avoids the temptation to get pulled multiple directions by unnecessary distractions.

2. Build in white space. Schedule time for reflection. Instead of back-to-back appointments, set time for reflection and a redirection after calls and meetings. Build in, for example, just five to ten minutes after calls or meetings. You can use those minutes to ensure you capture the follow up items or maybe you want to shoot a team member a quick thank you. This will help you make the small tasks as relevant as possible to the larger vision, and help center you in the present moment.

3. Practice affirming rituals. My morning routine is identifying two or three things that will make today a success. This keeps me from immediately diving into my to-do list, and instead helps me enter each day with a sense of the big picture. Affirming rituals help you avoid the small stuff that doesn’t matter.

4. Challenge yourself. Set a goal of doing something that is exciting, motivating, and maybe a little bit scary. Fearlessness is a fast pathway out of any rut!

Your Game Changer Takeaway

Beware of ruts! Stay out of them by practicing these four tips. Or better yet, develop your own and share it with us! How do you as a leader stay present and sharp for your team—and yourself? By focusing on the present, you will develop better relationships that are so important to leadership success.

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