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The Top 10 Episodes of Game Changers with Molly Fletcher for 2018

December 31, 2018 • Uncategorized

Thanks to our guests and listeners for another great year of the Game Changers with Molly Fletcher podcast! I started the podcast two years ago to take our listeners behind the scenes with peak performers to learn what drives and inspires them and to apply their lessons to our own lives. Every conversation is another journey and I learn so much doing the show.

Here’s a look at our most popular podcasts from 2018:

  1. Dabo Swinney on Leading from the Heart

With his infectious energy and unbridled enthusiasm, my conversation with Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney was our most downloaded episode of the year. On this episode, Dabo shares his inside-out approach to leadership, the defining moments in his own journey, and how he’s built a team culture rooted in love, discipline and service.

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  1. Patrick Lencioni on The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Leadership expert Patrick Lencioni is the author of 11 books that have sold over 5 million copies. On this episode, Patrick talks about the five dysfunctions that inhibit teams from reaching their potential.

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  1. Ryan Holiday on How to Turn Obstacles Into Advantages

Ryan Holiday is a marketing expert turned bestselling author who made a name for himself as the director of marketing for American Apparel, and has gone on to work with clients like Google, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss. On this episode, Ryan shows us how to turn even the most insurmountable obstacles into advantages.

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  1. Daniel Coyle on The Secrets of Highly Successful Teams

Bestselling author Daniel Coyle goes inside some of the world’s most successful organizations to examine how great cultures are built and sustained in his latest book, The Culture Code. On this episode, we talk about the three skills that generate collaborative cultures and learn how leaders can use these tools to build strong cultures inside their own organizations.

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  1. Herm Edwards on You Play to Win the Game

Arizona State University football coach Herm Edwards has experienced every facet of the game as a player, ESPN analyst, and coach. On this episode, we talk about the difference between people who are interested and those who are committed, what it means to lead with integrity, and why success is sometimes harder to handle than failure.

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  1. Emily Giffin on Living the Life You Want

Dubbed a “modern-day Jane Austen,” by Vanity Fair, author Emily Giffin has touched the hearts of millions of readers with her bestselling novels. On this episode, we talk about the creative process and how Emily found the courage to leave her job at a prestigious New York law firm to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

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  1. Juliet Funt on Reclaiming White Space at Work

Juliet Funt is the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, a training and consulting firm that helps organizations, their leaders and employees reclaim their creativity, productivity and engagement. On this episode, she talks about the big difference between activity and productivity, the four thieves of productivity, and the huge cost of our culture of busyness at work.

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  1. Ron Clark on Motivating Teams to Effect Change

Ron Clark is more than just an educator. He has been featured on Oprah and the Today Show, and his school, the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) in Atlanta, is known around the world for its innovative teaching methods. On this episode, we talk about how to motivate your team, embracing a fearless mindset, and how to lead with love, passion, and high expectations.

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  1. Seth Godin on The 3 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, brilliant marketer and speaker who’s known for “making a ruckus.” On this episode, we talk about building a tribe, how to earn trust, and the three questions every marketer should ask.

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  1. Patty McCord on How Netflix Built A Culture of Freedom and Responsibility

As the chief talent officer of Netflix, Patty McCord helped create the company’s famous “culture deck”—a 124-page document that went viral and has been shared over 20 million times. On this episode, we talk about the biggest mistakes HR leaders make, the truth about what motivates employees, and how to practice radical honesty in the workplace.

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Stay tuned for new episodes coming soon with guests like Shark Tank’s Daymond John, endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, and America’s Got Talent Jon Dorenbos. Have a suggestion for a guest you’d love to see featured? Email me at molly@mollyfletcher.com.


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