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What If Today Were Your Last Day?

January 8, 2018 • Uncategorized

The yoga studio I belong to in Atlanta ends every class with a short quote or reading. The other day the teacher wrapped the class with a this: “Imagine if you were the only person who knew that today was your last day on earth. How would it change the way you behave and interact with people?”

Realistically if you’re reading this blog, today is probably not your last day on earth. But what if you lived your life with this question in the back of your mind? How would it change the way you behave and speak to the people you love most in your life? How would it change the way you behave and speak to strangers – the cashier at the grocery store, the valet at the restaurant, or the receptionist at the doctor’s office?

If you speak to everyone with intentionality, things change. You are more present, kinder, a better listener and more open to connecting. If you knew that your words would be the last words someone would hear from you, what would you say? Instead of being impatient and stressed, you would be focused and sincere.

This minor pivot in your perspective can have a big impact on you and others. The yoga teacher’s closing thought challenged me that day, and I found myself feeling more grateful, more connected and more present. Check it out for yourself.


Your Game Changer Takeaway

 This concept isn’t new, just listen to Tim McGraw’s Live Like You Were Dying. But if you can incporporate this approach into your own life, it can take your mindset from existing to existing extraordinarily. You always have a choice, and by choosing to be more intentional, you give yourself the chance for deeper engagement and authentic connections.


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