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5 Tips for Virtual Selling

March 22, 2021 • Uncategorized

Are you struggling to capture your customers’ attention in a virtual sales environment? Do you need to revamp your sales processes for the remote environment? You’re not alone.

COVID-19 has hastened the sales transformation, and for most people, selling virtually has become a mandatory part of doing business. While you may not be able to get face-to-face for meetings, there are hidden gifts inside of this transformation. And if you have the right mindset and tactical approach, you can make virtual selling work for you.

Here are five things you can do right now to thrive in a virtual selling environment:

  1. Get More Curious: As a sports agent, I’d start each day by looking at my client list and “being” my clients. What are they worried about? Excited about? What’s on their schedule this week? What can I anticipate for them that they aren’t even considering? By putting myself in their shoes, I could anticipate key moments and find ways to add value. In sales, your prospective clients are asking themselves these three questions: Do I like you? Can you help me? Can I trust you? The best sales leaders make sure the answer to all three of these questions is a resounding yes. Get inside the heads and the hearts of your prospects, add value to their world consistently, and overdeliver.
  2. Don’t Get Transactional: In a remote environment, it can get easy to fire off quick emails and move on to the next thing. But it’s more important than ever to resist the urge to get transactional. People will remember how we show up right now. Show up with curiosity, creativity and grace. Always challenge yourself with this question: am I doing a transaction or building a relationship?
  3. Get Creative: Without face time, it can be challenging to even get in front of the people we want to work with or stay consistent with our existing clients. Find ways to get in front of them! Surprise and delight. One of our clients surprised all their residents with a meal delivery at home during the pandemic. It doesn’t have to be something that costs money, just find ways to show up unexpectedly that demonstrates you care. And leverage all the possibilities of video. People might have Zoom fatigue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send a video message that highlights what you want to share—a “virtual tour” of a new product offering or just a check in with potential solutions to a problem that customer may have. That way they can watch it on their own time, and still build that connection.
  4. Be Present: Alabama football coach Nick Saban has a saying I love: “Be where your feet are.” Ground yourself in the present moment. Guess what happens when you attempt to multitask? You are less efficient, less productive, less connected, make more mistakes and drain your energy. It’s endless. Instead lock in and stay focused. People can tell when you’re present and when you’re not.
  5. Change Your Story:  Success as a salesperson or business professional in a virtual selling environment requires a shift in mindset. You can either get consumed by the obstacles or you can re-frame your narrative to find the opportunity inside of the challenge. Shift your inner voice to find the hidden gifts inside of this virtual selling environment. I love this quote that sums up the power of your inner narrative– “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

Thrive, don’t just survive in this virtual selling environment.  Try these five things and start closing better deals and closing them faster.

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