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Episode 196- Achievement vs. Fulfillment: Do You Know What You Are Chasing?

May 16, 2024 • Uncategorized
Molly Fletcher Headshot

Have you ever noticed how achievement and fulfillment can get mixed up? On my first solo episode of the podcast, I talk about how I learned this lesson the hard way (Enneagram Type 3 over here!). While you can have both, it’s important not to confuse them. Achievement centers on tangible outcomes, but it’s often temporary and can get addicting. Fulfillment is something deeper. It’s about finding purpose and living by your values. It lasts longer and feels more real. Without it, success can feel empty.

Here are three questions I use to check in with myself, when I feel the lines start to blur:

  1. What am I chasing?
  2. Why?
  3. Do I like who I am becoming in that pursuit?   

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