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Episode 148- Allyson Felix on Overcoming Fear and Achieving Greatness

August 4, 2022 • Athletes & Coaches
Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix is a 5-time Olympian and recently retired as the most decorated American track & field star of all time with 30 medals. Recently named one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential People,” Allyson is stepping into her next chapter as a fierce advocate for women. She’s the founder of Saysh, a lifestyle brand focused on athletic-inspired footwear made for and by women, and is a powerful voice for maternity health. On this episode, we talk about managing pressure and expectations, bouncing back from setbacks, and overcoming fear to find her voice.


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Show Notes

  • The keys to sustaining peak performance (2:48)
  • The discipline and sacrifice required to compete at the highest level (4:14)
  • What it’s like to train for 4 years for 21 seconds (5:06)
  • The mental techniques she used to perform under pressure (6:05)
  • Trust your preparation and enjoy the moment (9:23)
  • Finding the motivation to achieve your goals even when it’s hard (10:31)
  • The drive that separated her from the competition (11:35)
  • How Allyson took on her sponsor Nike and became an advocate for maternity rights (12:48)
  • Overcoming fear to use her platform as an athlete to drive change (15:14)
  • How her childbirth experience opened her eyes to the issues of maternal health (16:14)
  • Coming back to compete after the birth of her daughter (18:00)
  • How her purpose has evolved over the years (18:51)
  • How she views competition (20:46)
  • Allyson’s vision for her footwear and lifestyle brand, Saysh (21:41)
  • What she learned as an athlete that helps her now as a business leader (24:07)
  • Confidence comes from preparation (25:29)
  • Learn to embrace the journey and find the lesson in failure (26:08)
  • What’s next for Allyson after her retirement from track & field (26:54)


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