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Episode 172- Mike Greenberg on Traits of High Performers

June 22, 2023 • Peak Performance
Mike Greenberg

What separates the best from the rest? Mike Greenberg has a front row seat to peak performance as one of the signature faces – and voices- of ESPN for more than a quarter century. Mike is the host of Get UpNBA CountdownGreeny, and Bettor Days. He previously co-hosted Mike and Mike with Mike Golic, for which the duo has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Mike is the author of multiple New York Times best-sellers and his new book Got Your Number dives into the debate of which sports legends “own” which numbers. On this episode, we talk about the characteristics of high performers, stepping into new spaces in your career, and his favorite memories covering Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

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Show Notes

  • Covering the Chicago Bulls at the height of their success (3:30)
  • What separated Michael Jordan from his competitors (7:40)
  • The power of self-belief and how he broke into the sports media industry (9:19)
  • Covering Michael Jordan during his stint in minor league baseball (13:08)
  • The greats have a particular genius about them (21:40)
  • Hosting one of the first nationally syndicated sports shows, Mike & Mike (26:25)
  • Why Mike & Mike ultimately ended (28:30)
  • A tip for starting your morning with optimal energy (28:54)
  • Offsetting burnout (31:59)
  • What inspired his new book, Got Your Number (33:29)
  • Mike shares his opinion on the GOAT debate (37:20)

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