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Episode 171- Taylor Rooks on Owning Your Confidence

June 8, 2023 • Inspiration & Motivation
Taylor Rooks

A headline in The New York Times declared: “Taylor Rooks gets the interviews that go viral.” Taylor Rooks is an Emmy Award-nominated sports journalist who has built a reputation for asking the bold questions that lead to revelatory conversations with sports’ biggest stars. Taylor is the host and executive producer of Taylor Rooks X, her interview show for Bleacher Report, and a feature reporter for Amazon’s Thursday Night Football. Previously, she worked as a host, reporter, and correspondent for the Big Ten Network and as a sideline reporter for CBS Sports Network. On this episode, we talk about the power in showing up fully yourself, how covering the NBA’s bubble season changed her career, and why she constantly pushes boundaries in her career.

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Show Notes

  • The influence of her parents on her life (2:42)
  • The accolades aren’t the goal; it’s about doing meaningful work (6:16)
  • How covering the NBA bubble season changed her entire career (8:18)
  • The one interview in the bubble that she will never forget (12:48)
  • What makes an interview feel successful to you? (16:21)
  • Why she rewatches all of her interviews (18:01)
  • How she prepares for her interviews (19:05)
  • Use genuine curiosity to connect (21:11)
  • There’s no such thing as an overnight success (22:50)
  • The misconceptions about women in the sports industry (24:03)
  • Don’t give away your power (27:47)
  • “It doesn’t get better, but you get better.” (28:56)
  • Why women need to own their talents and accomplishments (31:02)
  • Why she refuses to be put in a box when it comes to her career (37:51)
  • Give yourself the space to make mistakes (42:33)

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