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Episode 158- Tori Dunlap on Why Women Need to Talk About Money

December 20, 2022 • Personal Development
Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap is an internationally-recognized money and career expert, and podcast host. After saving $100,000 at age 25, Tori quit her corporate job in marketing and founded Her First $100K to fight financial inequality by giving women actionable resources to better their money. She is the host of the #1 business podcast Financial Feminist and author of the upcoming book Financial Feminist. Tori now travels the world writing, speaking, and coaching about personal finance, side hustles, and confidence for women. On this, we talk about why it’s important for women to talk about money, strategies for your next negotiation, and how to achieve your financial goals.

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  • How her blog Her First $100K grew into a life-changing business (1:39)
  • Can money buy you happiness? (5:32)
  • Most personal finance advice doesn’t account for systemic issues (9:02)
  • How financial advice is gendered (11:33)
  • The investing gap that negatively impacts women (15:39)
  • The vast majority of money habits are cemented by age 7 (21:30)
  • Why it’s important to start by recognizing the emotions and narratives around money (25:42)
  • Automate your savings (28:51)
  • Stop spending your money on things you don’t care about (30:08)
  • Time is more important than the amount of money when it comes to investing (32:24)
  • The consequences of not negotiating for women (34:48)
  • The biggest mistakes women make when negotiating (37:11)
  • When negotiating, remember you are on the same team solving a problem (42:00)
  • Why it’s important to talk to young girls about money (45:05)

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