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Episode 169- Tunde Oyeneyin on How to Embrace Uncertainty

May 11, 2023 • Inspiration & Motivation
Tunde Oyenin

Tunde Oyeneyin is a Peloton instructor, Nike athlete and New York Times bestselling author. After discovering joy and confidence through fitness, Tunde left her 15-year-career as a professional makeup artist for top beauty brands to become a cycling instructor and help others become the best version of themselves. She rose to fame on Peloton’s platform, inspiring a dedicated fan base with her motivational “Tunde-isms.” In her memoir, Speak, she shares how she transformed grief and setbacks into growth and self-confidence. In our conversation today, we talk about how to find your voice, trust your gut, and get from where you are to where you want to be. 

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Show Notes

  • Tunde’s own wellness journey (1:45)
  • How do you create habits that stick? (4:24)
  • Unlocking your purpose and your power (5:27)
  • The moment she realized her dream job no longer served her (6:39)
  • Be awake for the moments that matter (8:42)
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome (10:37)
  • Life happens in seasons (11:25)
  • Getting rejected by Peloton after her initial audition (14:53)
  • Trust your intuition and learn from failure (20:44)
  • The mistake people make when thinking about confidence (24:11)
  • Leadership advice: let your people see you struggle (26:46)
  • SPEAK: surrender, power, empathy, authenticity, knowledge (28:43)
  • What’s next for Tunde from a career perspective (33:36)

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