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Episode 147- Natasha Graziano on The 5 Pillars to Achieving Your Goals Faster

July 21, 2022 • Inspiration & Motivation
Natasha Graziano

Natasha Graziano went from homeless and broke to top mindset coach and motivational speaker. The creator of the MBS Method, Natasha is passionate about helping people transform their lives through neuroscience and ancient wisdom. She’s amassed more than 15 million followers on social media and has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue and USA Today. Natasha is the host of the popular Law of Attraction podcast and is the author of the new book, Be It Until You Become It. In today’s conversation, we talk about the law of attraction, creating a success mindset, and how to achieve your goals faster.

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Show Notes

  • Turning your breakdown into your breakthrough (1:28)
  • Re-wire your thought process to change your life (4:57)
  • What is the law of attraction? (6:30)
  • The message behind her new book, Be It Until You Become It (9:14)
  • Natasha’s five pillars to achieve your goals faster (12:08)
  • How to identify your limiting beliefs through meditation (15:28)
  • What is the MBS Method? (20:02)
  • One thing she wished she knew earlier in her life (28:41)
  • How she manifested her relationship with her husband (30:54)
  • Her approach to social media: What value are you offering the world? (32:37)


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